Visit Britain is Great Britain’s national tourism agency, responsible for marketing Great Britain worldwide, and for developing England’s visitor economy.  Lenco International were commissioned by Visit Britain to redesign the internal pedestrian wayfinding system, and the external visual presentation, of their flagship premises in Regent Street, London.  The redesign of the public-access premises wayfinding system and information signage required a complete re-think of its pedestrian flow configuration, given the ever-increasing numbers of visitors seeking tourism information.

An on-site survey was undertaken to establish and define the obvious pedestrian bottlenecks, which were addressed taking into account the seasonal fluctuations in its visitor numbers, the type of information that their visitors were seeking, and the amount of time that their clients were encouraged to spend on the premises.

Visit Britain’s public contact staff were interviewed in depth, and their working practices reviewed to identify all the issues that could impact on client movements within the site.  A major improvement recommended and implemented by Lenco International related to the prominent inclusion of the Visit Britain brand into all of the local external wayfinding signage.  This made a significant difference to their ability to attract and successfully deliver clients into their Regent Street site from a multitude of local visitor congregation and transport points.

This aspect was further reinforced by Lenco International’s recommendations relating to the design consolidation of a range of marketing and advertising materials, including poster design and the design of underground advertising.

Visit Britain Tube Advertising