Lenco International first provided signage design project management services for Crystal Cruises more than a decade ago, following clearly visible deterioration of the signage and graphics on the Crystal Harmony and Crystal Symphony cruise ships. Both ships’ original screen-printed signage graphics had been poorly specified, and Lenco International was called in to urgently rectify the situation; 
a commission that required the determination of precise engineering re-specifications for the signage manufacturer, the materials to be used, and the manufacturer to be contracted.

Once the signage prototypes had been tested and replacement designs and graphics approved by Crystal Cruises, Lenco International created a detailed Corporate Manual for their application. Within the Corporate Manual Lenco International constructed a unique SKU coding system that seamlessly meshed with Crystal Cruises’ existing stock manuals, and created a cost-effective identification and replacement process for their future use.

Some time later, Crystal Serenity entered service with a faulty signage system that had been specified and installed by the ship’s builder as part of an overall ‘design and build’ package. Lenco International was then commissioned to produce a detailed expert survey of the ship’s signage as the foundation of a major guarantee claim. Further, recognising Lenco International’s ability to design additional signage to create continuity and compatibility with its sister cruise ships, Crystal Cruises commissioned this additional extensive work.

Ship signage surveys have been conducted by Lenco International’s Project Management team on Crystal Cruises’ fleet during voyages in locations as diverse as Alaska, the Caribbean and the Far East, and, in 2011, Lenco International still contributes to Crystal Cruises’ signage and graphics design needs and provides ongoing project management advice.

Crystal Cruises Corporate Signage Manual