Wayfinding can be defined as spatial problem solving.  It is knowing where you are, where your desired location is, and how to get there from your present location.  There are several principles that go into wayfinding, but we tend to focus on the principles of architectural clues, lighting, sight lines, and signage.  These features are information support systems to wayfinding. Users rely on these principles when making decisions about how

At Lenco International we know precisely how good wayfinding systems and signage design can significantly improve net profit returns for hospital and healthcare facility developers, owners and operators.  It happens when patients and their visitors are made to feel empowered and unstressed by good directional and informative signage in what are usually unfamiliar, complex and intimidating surroundings. Poorly designed wayfinding systems and signs create feelings of anxiety and fear – resulting

Wayfinding systems which are beautifully designed should reflect your brand in an understated way. Your customers should feel comfortable within your facility and at ease with orienting themselves. Dis-orientated customers are the last thing your business needs.

Feeling lost is a terrible state to be in. What can our crew of creative designers and project managers do to help you out of this frustrating situation?

There are a number of factors to consider when creating any disabled friendly environment and ships pose some unique challenges.

The growth in special interest river cruises offered by many operators includes a spike in cultural and activity themed packages that strongly appeal to the discerning mature audience.

Honey bees navigational skills are legendary. But just how do they find their way back home? Honey bees hunt out nourishment to survive by using memory maps and the sun to find their way. Mammals use mind maps which use landmarks and can judge speed and distance to find their way around whereas insects brains have always been thought to have been too small to have been able to do