Who We Are

Lenco International is an internationally active creative design consultancy.
For the past quarter of a century our core specialisation has continued to be the design of wayfinding systems, signage and graphics that ensure the safe, informed and efficient navigation of people traffic within and around the built environment.

As materials and technology has progressed, Lenco have developed and adapted to be able to offer new services such as project management, digital media and art consultancy.

Our team knows exactly how to combine eye-catching creativity with disciplined cost-effectiveness, while developing signage and graphics that support and enrich your brand, enhancing your consumers’ experience at every visual interaction. What we bring to every project is not just creative flair and commercial understanding, but also our ability to manage all aspects of the design and implementation process from concept through to installation.

Wherever design creativity and cost-effectiveness are key elements of a signage design and installation project – Lenco International can deliver.

What We Do

Signage design and development – At Lenco we design signage that blends harmoniously with your interiors and your brand. Information graphics which are creative and easy to use are our base line standard, which when combined with our manufacturing and product knowledge make us a powerful force to have on your team.

Brand/signage manuals are created by our designers to ensure that your system is applied consistently to all areas of your facility for any future signage to adhere to.

Wayfinding systems – Our experience of environmental and spatial design goes much deeper than a few directional signs. We will create a system using forward thinking methodologies which are bespoke to each client, this ensures your signage system creates a memorable and meaningful guest experience. Because our designers have a deep understanding of signage manufacturing process and follow new material developments your wayfinding system will be delivered on time and on budget whilst ensuring your clients do not spend their valuable time looking for your facilities.

Brand interpretation – We understand the importance of your brand. Our team of designers will reflect your branding in a creative and memorable way. Your guests are using your wayfinding system often which means you have yet another point of contact to express the quality of your brand repeatedly through. After all your signage is part of your brand story.


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