Welcome to Lenco


You want your customers and visitors to know where they are now, where they are going and love what you do. That’s what we want too, and that’s what we do well.

We help you build your brand, clearly.


We specialise in Branding, Signage, Wayfinding and Marketing Collateral for cruise ships, leisure, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, tourist attractions and healthcare facilities.

We have built strong partnerships with our clients worldwide and we know great creative design is good business.


We have an innovative and exciting team of talented multi-disciplined designers

on board, and now offer much more than our core skill set suggest. We provide
a comprehensive range of creative services for all your marketing needs.

Why choose Lenco?


Creative – Our team include designers from a variety of different disciplines.

We are open minded, creative people. Lenco are also not limited to designing just signage. We also have branding specialists, designers that are trained in marketing material, and even a gaming designer. This means that, whatever your design requirement, it is worth asking us.


Knowledge – Over the last 30 years we have gained wisdom, experience

and knowledge which adds value to every design.


Supportive – We know signage and marketing might be the last thing on your

list to tick off. Let us take the strain by project managing the entire package.


Honest – We ask, we plan, we anticipate, and understand the

project from start to finish.


Collaborative – We will treat you as valued team member working with you

from the start to the final completion.


Human – We love nothing more than a good chinwag, so call us or drop us a line.

 We pride ourselves on our straightforward friendly approach.

Signage and

wayfinding systems


Our signage and wayfinding doesn’t stop at helping your customers

or visitors find their way. We know it is far more than putting up a few signs

and arrows. It’s also about you giving them a positive, feel good experience,

keeping your distinctive brand at the heart of everything they see.


Our wayfinding systems help visitors visualise their location in 3 dimensions,

which leads to a feeling of safety and well-being. This feeling of security then

follows through to your brand. Your customers feel in safe hands with you.


Our extensive manufacturing and product knowledge means your

corporate signage is delivered on time, on budget, and looking great.

Lenco enhances your user experience and brand requirements through good design.

We ensure all signage is manufactured to the correct specification and installed beautifully.

Project management


Building your brand and creating beautiful signage is the core of our work.

Site supervision and factory visits give us a clear view from the start, so we

know exactly what you is required for a smooth installation.


We can create tender documents for you so that choosing a manufacturer

is straightforward. Getting the right sub-contractor based on past working

experience is essential with a clear audit trail professionally

 managed by Lenco. We will treat you as a valued team member,

work together toward a common vision.

Signage is an integral part of your brand communication and customer journey

Brand interpretation


At Lenco, we understand the importance of your brand.

Whether classic, modern, sophisticated, quirky or happily a little bit odd, we help you give your brand a voice. We build your brand by designing quality, creative, brilliant signs and graphics. Whenever your customers see your signs, they’re seeing a little bit of you. We’ll make sure it’s the right bit.





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